Mission and Vision

Our Vision

In keeping with the Vision Statement of the Diocese of Wagga Wagga, Mater Dei Catholic College strives to be a nurturing community which:

  • is founded in Catholic faith, justice and love
  • is inclusive
  • is learner centred
  • seeks excellence and wisdom

Our Mission

“The person of each individual human being, in her or his material and spiritual needs, is at the heart of Christ’s teaching; this is why the promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic School” JPII [#9]

To nurture, we are called….

  • to care for each individual, affirming their dignity and uniqueness
  • to foster right relationships with God, creation, self and others
  • to provide particular attention to those most in need
  • to build a welcoming, safe and supportive school environment.

“The Catholic School fosters a particular climate where students, teachers, non- teaching staff, parents, clergy and the wider community feel welcomed and valued” [Barry Dwyer]

We are entrusted…..

  • to nourish our spiritual life and ministry
  • to connect with the Parish, Diocesan and wider community
  • to strengthen relationships and communication between members of the educating community
  • to make present the spirit of Nano Nagle, Edmund Rice and Mary, Mother of God

“…knowledge set in the context of faith, becomes wisdom and life vision” JPII[#14]

As faithful we are called….

  • to strive for an understanding of ourselves and others as dignified and loved by God
  • to value the unique contributions made by each person
  • to practise justice through tolerance, empathy and service
  • to pray, celebrate and evangelise with a Catholic perspective
  • to build hope in a faith-filled future

“…all human values find their fulfilment and unity in Christ” JPII[#3]

“…there is no separation between time for learning and time for formation, between acquiring notions and growing in wisdom” JPII[#14]

As learners we are encouraged….

  • to develop the values, knowledge and skills necessary to undertake lifelong personal, spiritual and intellectual growth
  • to strive for excellence through programmes which cater to the needs, interests and abilities of the individual.