Inclusive Education

At Mater Dei we value diversity and place great emphasis on the provision of an appropriate education for all students. This means that the individual needs of students are catered for. We believe that students should remain, as far as possible, within the classroom with appropriate adjustments being made. Teacher Assistants also support teachers in catering for individual differences within the class.
At times further intervention, to develop specific skills, outside of mainstream class may be required. Some programmes that we offer are:
  • Spellodrome
  • Social skills
  • Living skills
Support programs develop a knowledge and understanding of the student as a learner and focus on strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, learning styles and achievements. Students can undergo diagnostic testing at Mater Dei and, if deemed necessary, can be referred to the appropriate professional for further testing.
The Inclusive Education team works closely with the House Leaders and KLA Leaders to ensure that academic, social and emotional needs of students are met.
Life Skills courses are also offered to students where adjustments are not sufficient to cater for student needs.