Sherrin House


Br Carl Sherrin CFC, was Principal of Trinity Senior High School from 1988 until 1993. He was the last member of a Religious Order to serve as Principal of a secondary school in Wagga Wagga, bringing to an end (perhaps temporarily) the era of Religious leadership and confirming the inevitable succession of lay leadership. 1994 was to be the first year since 1915 without a Christian Brother serving as Principal of a Wagga Wagga school.
Br Carl Sherrin was a much-loved Principal whose humility, generous spirit and nurturing manner made a significant impression on students and staff he worked with. He was perhaps incapable of dwelling on the shortcomings of others due to his tendency to see good or potential for good. He recalled his students in Wagga Wagga as ‘..some of the finest and noblest characters I have ever met, young men and women with strong religious faith, high ideals and a deep sense of humility, generosity and gratitude’. On leaving TSHS, Br Sherrin reminded the community of the importance of keeping present in our schools: ‘The Charism of Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice – a firm resolution to work for justice, to alleviate ignorance and distress with compassion, especially among young people in need’. Br Carl Sherrin, currently teaching in the Philippines, is an outstanding individual model of this charism, as well as a fine representative of the Christian Brothers’ presence in Wagga Wagga.
The symbols on the shield are significant to Sherrin House and our patron Brother Carl Sherrin. The Sherrin house shield is built upon our primary colour of “Saffron Gold” which means strength, mental fortitude, honour and loyalty. These are all qualities that our House Patron Brother Carl Sherrin has demonstrated over his years of work for the Christian Brothers.
The shield is sectioned by the St Andrew’s cross which is also used on the official Sherrin family coat of arms. The St Andrew’s cross means that a positive resolution is paramount when problems are encountered.
Our secondary colour is maroon and signifies patience, persistence and positive results. These are qualities which Brother Carl Sherrin shares as he continues to be patient and persistent in his past and present teachings to young people over various regions of Oceania.
The “Celtic cross” symbol has a number of meanings. The cross is the symbol of Christ: for the Religious Teacher is concerned above all with the spreading and guarding of the Christian Faith. The circle is the symbol of eternity and of the eternal values to which we should be committed. This symbol is used to represent the Christian Brothers which is a group to whom Brother Carl Sherrin is faithfully committed. Furthermore, this symbol is also prominent on our Mater Dei Catholic College crest.
The “open book” indicates that all learning is to be brought to the young. This symbol is part of the Christian Brothers charism and also highlights Brother Carl Sherrin’s dedication to teaching and learning among young minds while principal at Trinity and involved in mission work abroad.
The “southern cross” symbol represents the guiding light of stars which are present in the Christian Brothers symbol and also our Mater Dei Catholic College crest. The Southern cross also relates to Brother Carl Sherrin’s mission work among neighbouring countries as part of the Christian Brothers of the Oceania Region.
The “phoenix” is a symbol which relates to a bird which rises from the ashes to become new again. This is directly linked to the resurrection of Christ. The phoenix has a power to use its compassion to help others ascend. This is most true of Brother Carl Sherrin who continues to spread the word of God. His compassion for young people to live and learn has been demonstrated constantly throughout his life.