Year 7 Enrolment Process and Timeline

Year 7 Enrolment Process and Timeline

Prior to the Open Night, the Principal visits Year 6 classes in local Catholic schools and provides Enrolment Packs containing the Enrolment Form and other information for each student. The Principal also invites the Year 6 families to the Open Night.  The Open Night is also advertised in the local media and Parish and School Bulletins.

Enrolment Forms

Application for Enrolment

Please email the completed Application for Enrolment form and all supporting documentation to:

Open Night 

Mater Dei Catholic College Open Night will be held on 14 March 2023. Families are invited to see student learning in action, view the College’s excellent facilities, meet the staff and learn about the enrolment process amidst the warmth and friendliness of the College community.  It is an opportunity for prospective students and parents to experience first hand the unique learning environment at Mater Dei. Tours of the College facilities are conducted from 5:30pm with time for music and refreshments in the Peace Garden courtyard and an information session to conclude the evening.

Enrolment Offers 

In accordance with the Enrolment Policy for Diocesan Systemic Schools, Wagga Wagga, priority for enrolments will be as follows:

  1. Catholic students from Catholic feeder schools or from parishes without Catholic Primary schools.
  2. Catholic students from other schools.
  3. Non-Catholic students in agreement with the Catholic ethos from Catholic schools.
  4. Students in agreement with the Catholic ethos from non-Catholic schools.

When round 1 Application numbers exceed the number of available places, a Waiting List will be established.

  • In October, correspondence will be sent to all families who have a confirmed enrolment for 2024, containing information about the Orientation Day held on the first Friday in December and the start of the 2024 school year.

Mount Erin Boarding

Applications for Boarding at Mount Erin occur as a separate process from the Mater Dei Enrolment process.

Students from Year 7 to Year 12 have the option of Weekly Boarding at Mount Erin Boarding (MEBS), which is located on Edmondson Street.

Information is available here or by phone at 02 6932 6199.