Areté (Ah-reh-tay) Program

A variety of studies aimed at ascertaining the levels of student well-being and resilience have determined that an ever-increasing number of students are struggling with the pressures of secondary education. The Areté Program at Mater Dei Catholic College aims to support students within a coaching framework by enabling students to create positive solutions to situations which may impact negatively on them within an educational context.

The term ‘areté’ translates to ‘the pursuit of excellence’, or ‘the act of maximising one’s full potential’. The goal of the Areté Program is to encourage our students to be problem solvers, where the creation of a plan not only provides immediate benefits, but also equips students with life-long skills as they become accustomed to approaching challenges with a positive mindset.

Senior students wishing to participate in the program selects a coach with whom they would like to work. Sessions are booked and plans are formulated using a collaborative coaching approach. Common topics for discussion during coaching time include time management, school/life balance, goal setting, motivation and dealing with stress and anxiety. Conversations may also centre around other areas of significance that may impact on a student’s performance.